How often do you think you’ve muttered the phrase, “I simply don’t have time”? I’m willing to bet more than you can count. The truth is, we have time for what we make time for – we have time for what is truly important. The question then is what’s important to you? When I start […]

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What are you waiting for?

Have you ever found yourself holding back? Waiting for that perfect time? Perfect person? Perfect place? Of course you have, who are you kidding. You’re human. I don’t think this is limited to big feats or adventures (i.e. go on the trip, what you are waiting for!) Honestly, I will buy a cute new article […]

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Seeing as it’s the most time and effort I’ve ever dedicated to one event, and the biggest thing I’ve ever done, I figured I’d write about my favorite day – the day I married my best friend! The date: May 6, 2017. The engagement: August 31, 2016. If you’ve already done the math that means […]

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Our Story

**This is the story I wrote for our wedding website after our engagement. I wanted to preserve it here, on the blog ** Our lives are our own personal novels that we write every day: each year is a new chapter and each sunrise brings a new page. Tommy and I met in approximately our […]

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Ireland Review

Hey yogis and friends: So, I’ve been totally MIA for a while: life gets busy, ya know? Well me, I got engaged and then married May 6, and then went on the TRIP OF A LIFETIME with the new hubs to Ireland for two whole glorious weeks. I did a lot of research and reading […]

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