Tips to De-stress Using Yoga and Meditation

1. Breath: Your breath is one of your most powerful tools, and has the ability to increase and decrease your heart rate. You can calm yourself down just using breath. Try taking deep inhales; holding at the top, and slow exhales holding at the bottom and repeating. You can increase the amount of time you take to inhale and exhale as you practice.

2. You time: Take time for yourself to do things you love. Spend time with you, so you can develop an interpersonal relationship, and figure out what makes you “tick”. This might be exercise, reading, or sitting outside.

3. Meditation: It works. Science says so. It increases the grey matter in your brain. There are tons of ways to mediate beyond sitting silently with your eyes closed. Guided meditations can be helpful to stay present (check out “Insight Timer” in the app store or youtube). Start with three minutes. Sit comfortably, and repeat a phrase or word (in your head). For example, “I am” as you inhale and “relaxed” as you exhale. Pick whatever works!

4. Movement: Moving your body releases serotonin. If you feel good physically you are also likely to feel better mentally. Find a form of exercise that works for you. Yoga is great because it is low impact, you can do it at home, and it is a form of meditation.


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