Our Story

**This is the story I wrote for our wedding website after our engagement. I wanted to preserve it here, on the blog **

Our lives are our own personal novels that we write every day: each year is a new chapter and each sunrise brings a new page. Tommy and I met in approximately our 29th and 24th chapters respectively.

As much as we loathe the looming law school debt over our heads now, our stories would not have merged otherwise. I had just graduated from College of Charleston that May while Tommy had gotten some work experience under his belt after graduating from Clemson in 2006, when we started Charleston School of Law in August of 2010. Ours was a large class, and we ended up in the same section: C. That first year, Tommy and I weren’t exactly friends. Apparently, Tommy was not my biggest fan. I didn’t see much of Tommy because I sat in the front and he sat in the back. The seating arrangement was part of Tommy’s dislike–he says I was a “gunner” and preferred the silence and anonymity of the back of the classroom. Anyone that knows me knows that’s not my personality.

Sometime in our second year, Tommy and I actually began to hang out due to mutual friends. In fact, I accompanied our friends Courtney and Amy to a Race for the Cure after party at Mollie and Walsh’s (Tommy’s brother) house where I proceeded to get stuck in their bathroom when the doorknob fell off: great first impression.

Tommy and I quickly became best friends. We talked incessantly and spent a lot of time together. He teased me relentlessly but I gave it back. I was totally weird and he was (or at least pretended to be) totally ok with it.

Somewhere friends turned to more, and I think we both knew but wouldn’t admit it until we shared our first kiss at our friends’, Courtney and Adams ,wedding in Blowing Rock, NC.

I thought I was the love of Tommy’s life, until he met Rudy. I mean that in a nice way. Their chapter could really be a book of its own. Rudy already had my heart, but the love between those two really had me fall in love with Tommy all over again. Our family and love grew more when we added on Atticus, and then a year later Pip. Tommy went from never having a dog to having three! You’re welcome.

If I wasn’t already sure Tommy and I were a good team, it was written in stone when he became my personal rock when I lost my sister in March of this year. He picked me up, held me, let me break down, watched me fall apart, but always helped put me back together.

On August 31, 2016 after much planning, scheming, deceiving (I’ll allow it for this occasion) I was surprised for probably the first time in my life. Tommy, the boys (Rudy, Atticus, Pip) and I went for a walk on the Pitt Street Bridge …our favorite place. We’ve shared many a walks on this bridge. Let me be clear I made this very difficult by putting several roadblocks in Tommy’s path. When we got to the end of the bridge, after being distracted by a friend “on a run” (thanks Deholl), Tommy said something was on Rudy. Assuming he had a “sticky” (no idea the actual biological name) in his fur for the 1000000th time I bent down to look, only to find rings on Rudy’s harness. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. The rest is honestly a blur. I was too overcome!

Tommy said nice stuff and I said yes and was so excited and honestly completely shocked and without words for one of the only times in my life. We left to be further surprised by a small party with family, including my parents who made the trip from Chattanooga, at Tommy’s sisters house. It was picture perfect. I will be forever thankful Rudy delivered the best news of my life.

On May 6, amongst the best friends and family and really the most beautiful backdrop you could imagine, Tommy and I made things official. It wasn’t a beginning for us as much as it was just a new exciting step on our journey. It was an affirmation of everything we were–it was us telling everyone else what we already knew -that we were each others.

We finished off the fairy-tale day with the most magical two week honeymoon in Ireland, that will forever hold the most special place in my heart. I can’t even begin to tell you about it here, because it would take forever – just check out my giant blog “Ireland Review”.

Tommy and I have been through a lot. Our story has had so many ups and downs and even some squiggly parts after just these few years. I wouldn’t trade one moment. They’re all ours.

14124995_10101702415412874_88336468379822754_o (1)

The day we got engaged 


One thought on “Our Story

  1. I will always love this story…it is why I got your permission to put it on my blog for all the blog readers to be able to read it too…it is definitely a memoir worth saving…so glad we both have it now for posterity. Love you! Boo


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