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How often do you think you’ve muttered the phrase, “I simply don’t have time”? I’m willing to bet more than you can count. The truth is, we have time for what we make time for – we have time for what is truly important. The question then is what’s important to you?

When I start thinking about time management, it makes me re prioritize my life. If I want to go to more yoga, it might mean sacrificing an additional hour or so of sleep so I can get to the studio before work. If I’m going to get up earlier to go to  yoga, it means getting my butt in bed earlier to get adequate sleep. If I’m going to sleep earlier, it means eating at a reasonable time and turning off the TV so I can get to bed. There are various “sacrifices” and rearrangements that might need to take place to “make time” for what’s important.

Other times we just have to let things go to make time. When I suggest people take a break from their work or studies or responsibilities and do whatever helps them reset, I get the no time excuse A LOT. I’ve said it myself. The thing is, it’s those moments of drowning and being overwhelmed when you need the time the most. When my wi-fi is down or the phone goes haywire, the first thing we do is look for the savior red reset button. Somehow with the press of that little button everything goes back to “normal”. The same is true for us. We need to reset when things get crazy or the status quo just isn’t working. One or two hours is not going to make or break you – if it is, maybe reevaluate priorities and planning.  It’s likely that you’ll perform better after hitting the reset button.

Tommy and I were staying with one of his friends from college, and I was talking to his wife. I asked her about her routine with two little girls. She told me she goes to the gym every morning at 5:45 to work out because she knows it’s the only time she can, and if she doesn’t get that time to herself, she’s not the same person. Saturday is her no gym sleep in day, and she treasures it. She has clearly identified what’s important to her and organized ways to make these happen – it helps that her husband is sweet to get the girls up and going in the morning (teamwork, right?)

When we don’t make time for ourselves, it’s close to impossible to make time for anyone or anything else. It’s like running on empty.

So the next time that you feel like you just might explode, or you don’t know how to get everything done maybe just stop and hit the reset button.


One thought on “Reset

  1. I need to hear this over and over and over again. Intellectually I understand it…but feelings, emotions, and pure-t laziness distract me from things I want to fit into my day. I have started walking again…but I have to talk myself into it almost daily…I find myself filling up my day and putting it off when I could easily walk in the morning…I will get there…but I have a lot of ‘reset’ buttons to hit mentally first! Love this message!


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