About Kaitlyn and Legally Ohm

I am a licensed attorney in South Carolina as well as a yoga instructor and adjunct Law Professor. I received my undergraduate degree from College of Charleston in 2010. There, I received a B.A. with majors in Philosophy and Political Science. I went on to study law at the Charleston School of Law where I graduated in 2013, Magna Cum Laude. I learned a lot in law school, good and bad. One of my favorite things from school was my discovery of the practice of yoga.

Yoga is fairly new to me compared to some long practicing yogis. I only found it my third year of law school at the nudge of some friends and surprisingly my now husband who I can’t drag to a class. See, I am not a very athletic person, and I won’t run unless there’s a bear chasing me. Yoga was initially a way to work out, but became so much more than that. It helped with my nagging anxiety, and even the pain in my upper back and neck I had been seeing a doctor and chiropractor relentlessly about.

I loved yoga so much I decided to take it to the next level and become a certified yoga teacher: very type A of me. What I discovered through training and my years after from teaching and personal life practice is yoga is beyond the personal practice: and it’s life changing.

I lost my sister in March of 2016, and as you can imagine it was life shattering. My starkening awareness of the shortness of life, and her courage at the end of hers to really live for what you want motivated me to leave a job in litigation that I detested and venture out into the unknown. I wasn’t sure quite what I wanted except that I wanted and needed OUT.  I did a lot of soul searching, and personal shame research, and well a WHOLE lot of yoga.

In late August of 2016, my best friends asked me the best question. I say best friends because my husband Tommy had our sweet eldest dog Rudy (now passed…another great loss that year) present me with my engagement rings. We got married May 6, 2017, and then went on the trip of a lifetime to IRELAND (see long blog).

Basically, my life is constantly changing, and yoga has been a HUGE part of that. I share wellness and mindfulness techniques with my students at the Charleston School of Law every morning before we begin class.

This blog was originally created for lawyers and as a way to boost my yoga teaching teaching career. However, as things have continuously shifted in my life it has become more about sharing with others what I learn along the way to include the practices of yoga and mediation and other personal musings and LOTS of puppy dogs.

Happy reading!



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