Ireland Review

Hey yogis and friends: So, I’ve been totally MIA for a while: life gets busy, ya know? Well me, I got engaged and then married May 6, and then went on the TRIP OF A LIFETIME with the new hubs to Ireland for two whole glorious weeks. I did a lot of research and reading […]

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10 Questions 

A friend of mine and my previous hair stylist (so sad she moved), Rachel, asked me to participate in a little project she’s working on. I won’t give away too much in advance, but she did ask me to answer 10 questions. Some of these I hadn’t thought about and self reflection can reveal some […]

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  Last night I was DOG TIRED when I got to FLETC (federal law enforcement training center) to teach yoga. I wanted to lay down and go to sleep. That really was not an option so instead I put on some tunes and MOVED. I started doing some fun yoga, and getting my blood flowing […]

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I remember on one of our family trips to Disneyworld, I was dying to go on this Star Wars simulated ride (yes yes I love Star Wars). Before we got on, my dad made sure to ask the ride attendant what kind of space there was on the ride; were there windows; could he get […]

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Originally posted on Legally Ohm:
Well, the word “worry” in itself is enough to send me into a tizzy. As I sit here writing this blog, it seems difficult because I am worried, although I want something to do to keep my mind off being worried. I usually suffer “worry attacks” or come down with…

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But Why?

In light of the recent conversation and debate occurring around the Confeferate flag and its removal, I have noticed a theme: independent thinking or its lack there of. We grow up forming beliefs, which are influenced by a variety of factors. What I think of as “beginning beliefs” are based on that of our parents or those […]

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