What are you waiting for?

Have you ever found yourself holding back? Waiting for that perfect time? Perfect person? Perfect place? Of course you have, who are you kidding. You’re human. I don’t think this is limited to big feats or adventures (i.e. go on the trip, what you are waiting for!) Honestly, I will buy a cute new article […]

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Ireland Review

Hey yogis and friends: So, I’ve been totally MIA for a while: life gets busy, ya know? Well me, I got engaged and then married May 6, and then went on the TRIP OF A LIFETIME with the new hubs to Ireland for two whole glorious weeks. I did a lot of research and reading […]

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10 Questions 

A friend of mine and my previous hair stylist (so sad she moved), Rachel, asked me to participate in a little project she’s working on. I won’t give away too much in advance, but she did ask me to answer 10 questions. Some of these I hadn’t thought about and self reflection can reveal some […]

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  Last night I was DOG TIRED when I got to FLETC (federal law enforcement training center) to teach yoga. I wanted to lay down and go to sleep. That really was not an option so instead I put on some tunes and MOVED. I started doing some fun yoga, and getting my blood flowing […]

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I remember on one of our family trips to Disneyworld, I was dying to go on this Star Wars simulated ride (yes yes I love Star Wars). Before we got on, my dad made sure to ask the ride attendant what kind of space there was on the ride; were there windows; could he get […]

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Originally posted on Legally Ohm:
Well, the word “worry” in itself is enough to send me into a tizzy. As I sit here writing this blog, it seems difficult because I am worried, although I want something to do to keep my mind off being worried. I usually suffer “worry attacks” or come down with…

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