Let Go of Control

   Photo   Monday was an “a’ha” moment Monday. I had selected a quote to share on my instagram about control: The more you try to control something, the more it controls you. Free yourself, and let things take their own course. Later that night, I went to yoga taught by Mimi (a role model), […]

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Walk Away

The power to walk away is an amazing tool. For many of us that work under deadlines, whether self created or not, feel the pressure to get things done. When I start a task, I want to get it DONE. It’s the mentality of the checklist: for some reason it feels so good to take […]

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10 Questions 

A friend of mine and my previous hair stylist (so sad she moved), Rachel, asked me to participate in a little project she’s working on. I won’t give away too much in advance, but she did ask me to answer 10 questions. Some of these I hadn’t thought about and self reflection can reveal some […]

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Make Time for You

I taught a yoga class for a Koru Mindfulness Retreat at the Charleston School of Law (my alma mater) last week to a group of current law students. The retreat was aimed at mindfulness and we did a lot of different types of meditation to include yoga (yes, yoga is a form of mediation) to talk […]

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Legally Ohm

This is a new blog dedicated to using the practice of yoga and meditation to find presence in the life as a lawyer. I began yoga my third year of law school and found much more than a series of postures. I credit my success in finishing school, and passing the bar to yoga. It […]

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